The Filter Of Your Air Purifier Must Be Replaced In Time

As we all know, air purifiers can effectively filter the air and bring more pure living space to the residents. However, some residents do not pay attention to the timely replacement of the filter screen. This is not advisable. Why is this practice unacceptable?


First of all, let's talk about why the air purifier is used. The reason why the air purifier is used is because there are a lot of harmful substances such as PM2.5, ammonia and formaldehyde in the air. These harmful substances are very harmful to the human body. The increase in the incidence of cardiopulmonary disease, leading to anemia and leukemia, etc., so we need to use an air purifier to filter the air, then after use, the smell in the room disappears, the harmful substances disappear, they Where did you go?

Obviously, harmful substances and odors in the air are filtered, and these harmful substances in the air remain on the filter screen or are adsorbed by activated carbon, so the filter screen becomes a new source of harmful substances, when the filter is overloaded. Under the state of the state, if it is not replaced, the air pollution problem will be discovered again. Even if the air purifier is turned on for 24 hours, the air purification effect will not be very satisfactory, so the filter will be used after a period of use. replace.

When is the most suitable time to replace the filter? To replace the filter of the air purifier, there are two options for the replacement time. The first is to read the product description. After purchasing the air purifier, there will be a corresponding random description, in which it will be indicated how often. The replacement of the filter screen is more suitable, we can carry out the filter replacement according to the official recommended time.

The second can be determined according to the actual situation. Because the environment used is not the same, the filter replacement time is also different. For example, the same brand is used in heavily polluted cities and fresh air in rural areas. Naturally, there is a big difference. In the rural area, the user of the air purifier can change the filter according to the replacement time of the manual, or extend the use time. However, for users who are heavily polluted in the city, when the filter is replaced, Need to be replaced in advance, the user in this area to replace the filter, mainly through the visual understanding of the naked eye, found that the filter has been overloaded, you need to replace it, or directly clean it , use again.

As described above, it is not possible to generalize the air purifier filter replacement, and it is decided to change the filter time depending on the urban area used and the air pollution condition. Although the functions are roughly the same, the subtle gaps between different brands of products are still very large. In this process of product selection, not only the brand but also the effect on the special air purification is needed. To its parameters, such as the performance of the cad value or the cmm value, etc., pay attention to its effectiveness in the actual use process, pay attention to the main pollution source in the user's area, and then proceed to the air purifier Choice, this is the more suitable way to purchase air purifiers.