After the renovation of the new house, is it really reliable to use an air purifier to remove formaldehyde?

Nowadays, many new homes use various materials when they are renovated. Applying more materials in the indoor space can make the indoor space richer and more muscular.

However, some interior materials contain some formaldehyde content, which means that after the renovation of the new house, the air in the new house will have a pungent smell. Nowadays, many families choose to place an air purifier in the indoor space to adjust the formaldehyde in the indoor space.

An air purifier is a device that uses technical means to treat particulate matter, microorganisms, and gas pollution in indoor air and reduce its quantity. At present, the air purifiers on the market mainly include passive filter purification type, active electrostatic adsorption type and double purification type.

The use of an air purifier can reduce the formaldehyde content of the indoor space, rather than avoiding the appearance of formaldehyde from the root. Because the air purifier only does simple physical adsorption, does not decompose formaldehyde, it has a certain effect in the first week or two of its work, but it can only remove free formaldehyde in the air, but it is "ineffective" for formaldehyde in building materials and furniture. . At the same time, the physical adsorption will reach the saturation of adsorption after a period of time. After the adsorption is saturated, the filter element should be replaced, and it will not be replaced in time, and secondary pollution will occur.

After the renovation of the new house is completed for a period of time, the air quality is more secure. If you want to make the indoor space more secure, you can stay in the new house after finishing the renovation for a while, and adjust the air in the indoor space through the air purifier. It can guarantee a safe air environment in the indoor space.