Need An Air Purifier? Select The Correct Product.

In the current increasingly serious air pollution environment, home living air purification has gradually become a focus of attention, and household air purifier products have become the choice of most people to purify indoor air. However, with regard to how the purifier is selected and used, do you really know this knowledge?

Recently, people from the Purifier Research Association have revealed that there are many problems in selecting and using air purifiers. Most consumers do not know how to choose a purifier that suits their needs when purchasing an air purifier. The same is true for the use of air purifiers. They think that they use household air purifiers. You don't have to worry about home air health problems.

How to choose the correct home air purifier?

Air purifier industry research experts pointed out that in the choice of household air purifiers, should choose the appropriate purifier brand according to their family situation. At present, there are many brands and types of air purifiers in the market. Each product has great differences in technical principles, purification effects and purification methods. Consumers should choose carefully instead of blindly pursuing prices and big brands.

It is understood that at present, in the domestic purifier market, many air purifier brands come from traditional home appliance enterprises, and some consumers are superstitious about the so-called “big brand” products. The products that are more famous for household air purifier brands are better. In fact, experts from the National Indoor Environmental Protection Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center said that from the current stage of the purifier industry, the quality of some professional household air purifier manufacturers is more reliable, because of the long-term research and development of such products, more focus on purification technology, Advanced air purification concept. Although the current domestic brand and reputation are not as good as traditional home appliance brands, the purification technology is relatively mature and the purification effect is more secure. It is an ideal target for consumers to choose purifier products.


How to use the home air purifier correctly?

At present, most purifier manufacturers in the use of air purifiers, it is recommended to use in the case of serious air pollution or indoor pollution, so as to better achieve the best use, to ensure better purification. Experts said that it is not the case. In the process of using the purifier, the most important thing to avoid is that it can not clean the indoor air for a long time. Due to indoor air pollutants, especially organic volatile gases such as formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC, etc., the effective evaporation period is more than 3-15 years, and toxic and harmful gases are released at any time. The design of all reliable and qualified air purifiers is based on the premise of long-term opening. The long-term start-up can achieve the most ideal purification effect of indoor pollutants.

It is reported that at present, the domestic air purifier market, a small number of high-end household purifier products, "the active oxygen purification and pollutant collection function of the negative oxygen ion generation technology" purifier products, with negative oxygen ions as a purification factor, Negative oxygen ions can be collected and collected with particulate pollutants in the air, coagulation and sedimentation, and can effectively degrade harmful gases such as formaldehyde, decompose harmful gases such as formaldehyde and TVOC into carbon dioxide and water, zero noise, no consumables, and ultra-low 5W power. It can be used for 24 hours*365 days to clean up indoor air.


Here, I want to introduce an air purifier for all of you.

Most air purifying products in the market are devices which remove dust particles, ordors and germs in the air by taking in pulloted air, and force the air through filters. So in the environment that away from the devices or with poor ventilation, the effiency of air purification and sterilizations is poor.

This product not only use traditional filteration technology, but also emit airpurifying preparation molecule. The extremly reactive organic purifying molecules are fast spreading in to space, sctively nerualize PM2.5 particles, sterilize the air, remove odors in the air, clean the air high efficiently and thoroughly.