Stronger, More Efficient, More Energy-efficient Air Purifier

In recent  years, the air has been controled quite good, and the days of severe  pollution are also decreasing. However, pollution still affects our  physical health. Air quality index below 50 is considered to be a good  environment for us to live.

Over the years, air purifiers  have become almost standard for homes in big cities. In the face of air  pollution that affects our health, putting an air purifier in our home  is one of the easiest and most effective methods.In  a large number of foreign brands of air purifiers, I chose a  super-high-cost brand - beidouyh, which is a company dedicated to  interior, indoor air pollution problems to provide solutions.

Simple and compact appearance

It is a very simple design from the beginning of the package.


The  bdyh-8103 is a desktop/car air purifier that is much smaller in size  than previous international brands. At a height of nearly 23cm, neither  the table nor the corners of the desk is so obtrusive.


The overall appearance, there is no fancy design, the fuselage is very simple, there is only one display on the front. Without  too much modification, it will not be surprising wherever it is placed,  and it can be perfectly blended with various decorative styles.


The front of the machine

The only air purifier with a formaldehyde sensor in the market

Industrial formaldehyde sensor was built-in our middle and top grade to monitor concentration of formaldehyde.We are unique as the formaldehyde sensor is expensive .

Added PM2.5,formaldehyde and other air quality sensors,our products will automatically adjust the speed according to the real-time detection results to reduce the noise and save power.


Preparation kit+Hepa filter 2 in one mode for High efficient air cleaning

HEPA Filter: Traps dust mites, large particles, and pollen.

Preparation Box: Fresh the air and kill the bacteris.

Preparation Box Working principle:

The fresh preparation consists of compound quaternary ammonium saltsilane and other organic macromolecules in proportion.The silane molecules are used to cure the bacteria to the surface of the fresh preparation, and then the compound quaternary ammonium salt will kill the cured bacteria.


Sterilization technique derived from hospital

The Sterilization technique from hospital is efficient,compare to the traditional air purifiers adopt the filteration technology,like the gap between professional and amateur.

"Spend a little money to do big things" is my first feeling for this air purifier, high cost performance, very cheap price. At  the same time, the compact size and the simple design that is not  inconsistent with it, You will not feel abrupt for place it in any place at home. Buy a high-level air purifier, this one is most worth recommending.