Not Necessarily A Child Who Doesn’t Love Studying Beidouyh Air Purifier Allows Children To Focus More

Parents  are most concerned about their children’s learning. Holidays may not be  a leisure time for parents and children. Instead, they make up for  knowledge loopholes and make efforts to take advantage of the  opportunity to overtake. Parents often blame the children for not being able to learn and being eager to see their eyes slouched when they face the book. Parents need to be reminded that these may be typical allergy symptoms. Allergens are ubiquitous as the air infiltrates.

BDYH-8102 Preparation kit+Hepa filter 2 in one mode for High efficient air cleaning air purifuer is to develop and solve such problems.

It has high quality and low price, especially suitable for children's study environment.


The  once-popular PM2.5 pollution has brought unprecedented attention to air  quality problems, but it also simplifies the threat of air to health as a  problem of burning fine particles. In fact, this is a complex  “biochemical crisis”. . In the air, there is a  "big world" that is invisible to the naked eye. Germs, molds, and  microbes move with the wind, multiply, and mutate rapidly. Their corpse  excrement also enters people's respiratory tract along with the air. For  allergic people, This is an unavoidable allergen. Sleepiness  is only a visible allergic reaction. Inattention, dizziness and other  intrinsic discomfort are widespread and affect the child's learning  status, which in turn affects the efficiency of learning.


In order to  solve this problem, researchers at beidouyh racked their brains. They  found that the traditional filtration technology has limited functions.  Even if negative ion technology is used, it can only purify harmful  substances with positive charges in the air, and it cannot solve the  problem. Complex health hazards of harmful substances in the air.

Technical innovation of working principle:

The traditional air purifiers,no matter what filteration technology is used,should take in the foul air to the device firstly, then blow out the filtered air, so in the place where is far from the device, or with poor air circulation,the air purification efficiency is low。

Our products follow the traditional filteration technology while emiting the air purifying  molecules which obtained the patent for invention,the molecules will neutralize PM2.5 particles ,sterilize the air,remove odors in the air, remove formaldehyde automatically. It is more efficient.


Product Feature

-Elegant Unique design with built in air quality data displaying

-Built in with Sensors for TVOC, Formaldehyde,Temp&Hum data analysis

-Air quality data acquisition and displaying

-HEPA filter replacement

-3 wind-Speed Levels adjustable,and automatic mode.

-Keep the interior clean and fresh

-Preparation Kits replacements

-Romote control as with built-in WIFI

-Accept OEM