How To Choose An Air Purifier?

Roughly  speaking, we have to breathe more than 800 million times from birth to  death. Unfortunately, at least from the current actual situation, it is  not easy to guarantee this “800 million times of health”. As  for the threats to our health caused by smog, we can only spy on one or  two of various textbooks or researches. The adverse reactions that are  mapped to our bodies are still in the “gestation” stage. Who knows that after a few years, will respiratory illness flare up? So now, we should do the best protection. This is why the air purifier has  been exposed popular in recent years. It is considered a healthy  investment by consumers. It  is also because of health that air purifiers and ordinary home appliances  have something different: behind it is the health of each person's  breathing. First let us talk about how to choose an air purifier.
First of all, if you want to choose an item, the first thing we should  consider is the purpose of the item and the scope of the trial.  Generally speaking, the purpose of the item you want to achieve is that  the air purifier can be divided into many categories according to its  purpose. For example, in addition to smog, Particles, pollen, locusts, etc., according to your needs now have a general goal;
Second,  according to the use of air purifier, consider the technical parameters of purification, if you want to install an air purifier at home, and  there are elderly, children and people with respiratory and asthma in  the family, the purifier recommends the choice of ozone-free products;  the same reason if you want to sterilize, choose to favor the bactericidal effect, can be multiple choice based on function;
Third,  the choice of air purifier blow, it is best to choose the back or under  the air, the top out of the air, because the current air evolution of  the air into the wind there are two main ways, one is the back wind in  front of the wind, The  second is the rear (lower) air intake, the way out of the top, because  the former may drive the air or the floor of the sink, it is recommended  to choose the second way of the purifier;
Fourth,  energy consumption, it is recommended to choose energy-saving  purifiers, although the price will be more expensive, but each time you  use, will not feel pressure, the purifier according to energy  consumption is usually divided into A ~ D level, comprehensive If  you think about it, it is recommended to choose D-level, but also  depends on the specific parameters, the higher the general parameters,  the better the performance;
Fifth,  the air purifier will produce noise in the process of using, intuitive  sense, the purifying effect of the air purifier is not easy to see in  the short term, but the noise generated during work has become a  clarification of the merits of a purifier The  key is, so when we choose the purifier, we can determine whether the  sound emitted by the purifier when it is out of the air at the minimum  amount of wind will affect people's rest.
Sixth,  we choose the best purifier out of the air volume, usually the greater  the amount of air, the better the purification effect, while the choice  of large brand guaranteed products, but also in the future easy  maintenance and maintenance costs, it is recommended to choose with  delay Guaranteed products are used to extend the warranty period.


Product advantages

Technical innovation of working principle    

The traditional air purifiers,no matter what filteration technology is used,should take in the foul air to the device firstly, then blow out the filtered air, so in the place where is far from the device, or with poor air circulation,the air purification efficiency is low。

Our products follow the traditional filteration technology while emiting the air purifying  molecules which obtained the patent for invention,the molecules will neutralize PM2.5 particles ,sterilize the air,remove odors in the air, remove formaldehyde automatically. It is more efficient.

The only air purifier with a formaldehyde sensor in the market

Industrial formaldehyde sensor was built-in our middle and top grade to monitor concentration of formaldehyde.We are unique as the formaldehyde sensor is expensive .

Added PM2.5,formaldehyde and other air quality sensors,our products will automatically adjust the speed according to the real-time detection results to reduce the noise and save power.

Sterilization technique derived from hospital

The Sterilization technique from hospital is efficient,compare to the traditional air purifiers adopt the filteration technology,like the gap between professional and amateur.