Benefits Of Air Purifier

The haze reminded urbanites time and again that air pollution has become increasingly severe. The air quality we breathe is getting worse and worse. More and more people are afraid to go out. The appearance of air purifiers can clean and clean indoor air.

Indoor air purifiers are products that can absorb, decompose, or convert various air pollutants (generally including dust, pollen, odor, decoration pollution such as formaldehyde, bacteria, allergens, etc.) and effectively improve air cleanliness. Indoor air quality, creating a healthy and comfortable office and residential environment are very effective methods. In fact, although the name, type, and function of the air purifiers claimed in the market are not the same, there are mainly two types of air purifiers in terms of the working principle of air purifiers: passive adsorption filters and active filters.


The main principle of the air purifier is to separate and remove one or more pollutants from the air. The photo-ionization principle of photo-ionization, photo-plasma and photo-electricity is used to separate air molecules, and photocatalysis, deep ultraviolet light, and activity are used. Oxygen (O3) and other three kinds of sterilization technology to remove bacteria in the air and some dead skin, pollen, etc.

Air purifiers are mainly used to solve indoor air problems caused by renovation or other reasons. Because of indoor air pollution there are long-term and uncertain factors. Using an air purifier can maintain a healthy and environmentally friendly home environment.