Air Freshener For Cars

Cars have become a means of transport for ordinary families, and accessories in cars are constantly improving. However,  it is undeniable that car pollution has never been eased. Even  luxurious cars cannot avoid the problem of air pollution inside the car.  There are pollution from air-conditioners in the narrow car, pollution  from harmful substances in leather, and car decoration. Discharge of gas pollution, car pollution at the moment threatens our physical health.

详情页-4.jpgApplication Range:

Applicable to 10 square meters of space,It can apply to the car compartment, home space, hospital,office space, entertainment, gym, school classroom.other places.
It can Increase concentration and relieve car sickness when driving.It is super quiet in all night.You can use it for working,driving.Yoga fitness and family time.


Green healthy preparation:

The air fresh preparation is made of international standard environmental protection anti-bacteria material- complex quaternary ammonium salt. It's safe for baby, children and pets.        


High Purification and sterilization-Keep you health

Ideal for people who suffer from allergies, nasal stuffiness; Fine Preliminary,reduce unwanted odors from pets, smoking and cooking dwelling around your living spaces and specially for Cars and office keep your breathing healthy. Keep Your family breathing safety. Decomposes formaldehyde, reduces odors, freshens the air, Improve the air quality in your vehicl,Removed the smell quickly. 

We all need safety life and love fresh air-whether to your living room spread,atop a small nightstand,or next to you at
work,or when you drive the car.Let it do its work,choose from low or high fan speed settings.Built-in Industrial-Grade Formaldehyde removeable air fresh preparation. Remove formaldehyde and other harmful gases in th air.The air purifier can filters 99% of dust.pollen,smoke, odors,mold spores,and pet dander.It both can use for car use,home use and daliy use.