China Successfully Launched the Twenty-third Beidou Navigation Satellite

     At 12:30 on June 12, China's Xichang Satellite Launch Center with the Long March III C carrier rocket, successfully launched the twenty-third Beidou navigation satellite.


     The twenty-third Beidou Navigation satellite is a geostationary satellite. Satellites in orbit and after the completion of orbit testing, and other orbiting satellites together to provide services, will further enhance the system robustness and system service capabilities for system services from regional to global development and lay a solid foundation.


     Beidou satellite navigation system (BDS) is the autonomous development and independent operation of the global satellite navigation system being implemented by the People's Republic of China. It is committed to provide positioning, navigation and time service to users worldwide. China completed the Beidou satellite navigation test system with regional navigation function in 2003, and then began to construct a satellite navigation system serving the whole world. It will provide service to most parts of the Asia-Pacific region in 2012 and plan to complete the construction of the global system by 2020.


     Beidou satellite navigation system, the America global positioning system (GPS), the Russian GLONASS system (GLONASS) and the European Galileo positioning system (Galileo) is a global satellite navigation system, four core suppliers of satellite navigation Committee of the United Nations identified.